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The strength of our organisation rests on the engagement of the diaspora community in the UK.

Membership of the Equatoria Community Organisation is open to any Equatorian residing in the UK, provided that he or she has reached the age of 18 years.

Membership can also be extended to any person of good character who identifies with the objectives of Equatoria.

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Already a member? Then consider volunteering for one of the following sub-committees:

  • Finance & Fund Raising
  • External Relations
  • Communications
  • Youth Affairs
  • Women’s Affairs
  • Research & Documentation
  • Culture & Community Affairs

ECO-UK is committed to leveraging the skills of the Equatorian Diaspora community in support of capacity building and development assistance in the homeland. So why not join a sub-committee today and put your skills to good use.

Become a fundraiser

South Sudan is one of the most under-developed countries in the world. It is also crippled by conflict and insecurity. The impact on the most vulnerable members of South Sudanese society is devastating.

ECO-UK is involved in fundraising for humanitarian and development initiatives in Equatoria and the other regions South Sudan.


We always welcome new members, volunteers and fundraiser. So why not register today!

    ECO-UK: Advocating for a peaceful, prosperous South Sudan built on equality, respect for the rule of law and a commitment to sustainable development.